What is a Crime Against Humanity?

Pinky calls up international law expert Peter Weiss (Center for Constitutional Rights) and asks him “What is a Crime Against Humanity?”. Other points of discussion include how a crime against humanity is different from a war crime; the ‘superior orders’ defense; torture; the International Criminal Court (ICC); the importance of ordinary people taking a stand on matters of international law; more! For more information visit: www.pinkyshow.org

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25 responses to “What is a Crime Against Humanity?”

  1. gamesbok

    ‘The barbarous custom of having men beaten who are suspected of having important secrets to reveal must be abolished. It has always been recognized that this way of interrogating men, by putting them to torture, produces nothing worthwhile.’

    – Napoleon Bonaparte, 1798

    Napoleon to Berthier, 11 Nov 1798, Corres., V, no. 3606 p. 128 quoted in – Napoleon on the Art of War

  2. bearhamo

    GMO’s are also a crime against humanity. Seed modification for patent is sick. This will affect the entire planet soon.

  3. jumar1281

    i like the pinky show, but why does pinky and all her guests sound sooooooo bored when they are speaking, like they are about to fall asleep at any moment?

  4. magoebs

    When is a crime against humanity officially recognised and by whom ? For example: it is coming out now that 26000 women & children were starved in British concentration camps in the 1940’s but the British goverment seems to laugh it off, denying any evidense ?

  5. oldstock1607

    God, why does it NOT surprise me that the “expert” on Crimes Agaisnt Humanity is a JEW. And gets to “DEFINE,” completely arbitrarily, the definition of things of such enormous weight. LISTEN PEOPLE, this shit is why the Jews fucking OWN us. They are authoring stuff like this, and we have ALLOWED them to do it. The UN is staffed by secular jews just like THIS ONE. Wake up “goyim”–you’re about to get fucked out of your country.

  6. fairtaxhtown

    @Frances3654 Right on. Millions can die of Malaria in Africa as long as western liberals can be happy they banned an effective chemical.

  7. Frances3654

    so true

  8. BeNNzuFG

    People take a look at Article 7 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court (google it). Then you know what a crime against humanity is…

  9. mfjanorga


    Probably, because this show in not only for native english speakers. I am a teacher of peruvian history in a bilingual school in Perú, I use these films in may classes with non native speakers of english.

  10. EBanonymous


    I don’t care if her hguests sound boring or not. Contrary to the piffle they tach in schools thse days & the propaganda they refer to as news which rlies on sound bites, fancy phrases, snobs w/ neitral accnts & a huge emphasis on all show w/ no substance, I’d prefer a discussion like this one here anyday.

    Our teachers, journalists & professionals are not there to entertain us or nake it less boring. There’re to teach (in theory); you have CNN & Fox & the NYTimes if you want it.

  11. alexw

    they’re old

  12. stjimy

    great job pinky&bunny!!!

  13. tduquefjc

    who the fu** are you ? i have to meet you.. you have so much to say and i believe all of it!!!

  14. axlbernard

    i find your videos engaging and they set exactly the right tone to instruct. Pinky is cute but not too cute which makes it more serious.

  15. SixthtySixthSix

    generational-typical detection of latent genetic characteristics correspondingly demanding experimentation on a country’s population… ?

  16. Guevaristas

    ’10 Superior orders(1) In any proceedings for an offence against a provision of this Part, it is a defence for the defendant to show that the defendant—

    (a) was under a legal obligation to obey orders of a government or of a superior (whether military or civilian); and

    (b) was acting under an order of that government or superior; and

    (c) did not know the order was unlawful.’

    Cultural Property (Protection in Armed Conflict)Bill 2008 (NZ)

  17. Jefferdaughter

    Monsanto deliberately hidding data about the dangers of GMOs, BP deliberately spreading dispersants in the oil spill – chemicals so toxic to life that a few parts per billion can be fatal – merely to hide the extent of the spill; these are crimes against nature, and agains humanity.

  18. Learn2FightNow

    or die!

  19. onsholo

    @RJMathews14 you actually do know that in the sovietic union most of the populattion was jew hater right(most of the jews were big farmers and factory owner so they were enemy of the worker and was every body must know the eney of the worker have no place in a communist or socialist society like the sovietic union)?you do know that there is actually happened some battles betwen the red army and jew refuges that were making armed resistence again the nazi occupation right?

  20. onsholo

    @RJMathews14 but i actually also hate jews(talking from a general way i do know that there are some good jews but most of it arent((yeah i talking about those israel fucker)))israel is the new nazi germany and for then the islam is the new jews

  21. onsholo

    pinky i think that something very interesing to discuss is the socialist cuba one of the poorest contrys in the globe since the fall of the sovietic union and the embargo made be the US and still it have the second of third best heath care in the world only losing for canada(for sure)and maybe for france(not sure)and the reason why US have such a bad relations with then while canada have very good relations with then and how did the US manage to make cuba look like such a evil contry in the

  22. onsholo

    world stage

  23. TimeManInJail

    @onsholo easily, propaganda and the media, people who only take info through media are basically idiots, and idiots passing on false knowledge and prejudice.

  24. serenelovesfood

    i love food.

  25. Sagatiaej

    um… ok first of all forced pregnancy is NOT a relatively new crime against humanity it is just newly labled. Ask any Native American who listens to stories of their granparents and great-grandparents about the United States Goverment ordering the rape of millions of Native American Indians and I quote, “If we can’t kill them off, we’ll breed them out.”

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