White family intimidated in CA school

STOCKTON – A 29-year-old mother of three is in the San Joaquin County Jail after allegedly attacking an elementary school principal. Pami Gibbs is facing four separate crimes, among them a possible hate crime. “They’re saying it was a threatening skull or something like that.” Bill Black shows off the black t-shirt his 9-year-old great grandson was wearing. Skateboarding is prominent in red and white; three skulls in grey serve as a shadowy back drop. “If you didn’t know what to look for you’d never see a skull in there; that’s a skateboard mostly what I see.” But Principal Avangelina Ramos took exception to the shirt Monday morning at Fillmore Elementary and told the boy he’d have to turn it inside out or change into another shirt. Gibbs witnessed the conversation from a distance and approached the principal according Rosalind Roberts who watched the meeting escalate. “She was arguing again, fussing real loud. And yelling and then she punched the principal.” Be the first to know! Sign up for FOX40 breaking news alerts. Gibbs allegedly punched the principal several times. “The New Principal there is just racist,” but her family claims it was Ramos who had become increasingly hostile in recent weeks over the school dress code. The Gibbs say dress code changed for a third time in three years; and they are being forced to buy uniforms when other families weren’t. Michael Gibbs believes his two boys, who are white, were being targeted because they are white. “She was trying 

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25 responses to “White family intimidated in CA school”

  1. DollaBiIIz

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  2. garyomglol

    @DIEversity202 Ramos is probably an illegal. If ICE had deported her ass, none of this would of happened.

  3. woaibailong

    A race war is coming. Whites will sloooooooooowwwwwwwwlllllyy wake up and realise a white America is far better than a DIEverse one.

  4. TheNewMusicNetwork

    hate crime my ass(jury nulification). the hate crime was on the part of the principal for the hatred and race bias she had against the little white kids. hope the family makes a pay day and sues for civil rights violations for what their kids were put through.

    case closed

  5. lawrencebanes

    Take a stand. Everyday. Every time you get the chance. Give opposition.

  6. eXclusiveSupastar

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  7. schnel127

    The mum did the right thing. Whites are the ones being targeted nowadays.

  8. 13anjowizard

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  9. PatriotSue

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  10. PatriotSue

    @TheNewMusicNetwork Are you joking? These white children, will not get justice.

  11. PatriotSue

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  12. eXclusiveSupastar

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  13. eXclusiveSupastar

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  14. plainbob13

    Mexican trash. The bitch got what was coming to her.

  15. 13anjowizard

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  16. eXclusiveSupastar

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  17. Libertytreeradio

    Who was the “Field Marshal” in this video. (Joking but not joking) Since when did all of these “Chiefs” and Sheriffs decide that they needed 4 or five stars on their uniforms? The self engrandizment process of the socialists always entails lots of brass and titles combined with entitlements. The Mexican invasion continues and the payed for prostitutes will help every step of the way. Libertytreeradio for more videos on youtube. Check them out and pass them on. MGK/GDW!

  18. TheNewMusicNetwork

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  19. TheNewMusicNetwork

    @PatriotSue if they get a lawyer they will. someone should help them.

  20. PatriotSue

    @eXclusiveSupastar What a fucking joke. LAWS APPLY TO EVERYONE. Are you fucking kidding? LAWS APPLY TO EVERYONE in the U.S., except for low-life immoral lawless trespassing ILLEGAL HISPANIC ALIENS. ILLEGALS enter our country, ILLEGALLY. They use fraudulent or stolen documents to work, ILLEGALLY. They drive, ILLEGALLY, without a license or insurance. We AMERICANS need to be BREAKING MORE LAWS, to make things truly EQUAL with ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  21. PatriotSue

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  22. dungeoncrawler55

    White people can never disprove they are “racist”,their very existence is seen as a form of “racism” by the so-called “anti-racists”.

    They say all things white must become “diverse” or it is “racism”.

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    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  23. IAmLegion9000

    @eXclusiveSupastar I am white but really do not give a shit if we get bred out.
    Maybe the world is better off without us…

  24. RainManSwift

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  25. chunhaylee

    “white family intimated”? Sounds like the white b*tch was punching the school principal.

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