WSYX-WTTE: Mother Calls Son’s ‘Caught-on-Tape’ Beating a Hate Crime

A Chillicothe mother is out for justice after her gay son is brutally beaten in at Union-Scioto High School, in front of his classmates by another student. One student recorded the incident on a cell phone.

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25 responses to “WSYX-WTTE: Mother Calls Son’s ‘Caught-on-Tape’ Beating a Hate Crime”

  1. azikial5

    WHY WOULD SOMEONE HATE GAYS??? I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND!!! and if you don’t like gays you dont need to hurt them you can keep it to yourself because no one needs to know that! I mean why would anyone beat up a kid just because he is gay? i mean seriously does it help you in anyway? whoever does this shit to gays is really fucked up in the head!!! And They only give him a 3-day suspension???!!!!!! I THINK THEY SHOULD EXPEL HIM FROM THE SCHOOL, PRESS CHARGES, AND PUT THE KID IN SOME THERAPY CLASSES

  2. TeKnO2BaEr

    @UMANEDAKIDD19 y cuz its true……….and to clarify i fear no homos…..just disgust….

  3. TeKnO2BaEr

    @snaildragon yeah the bystander effect is a bitch…..

  4. evromsd

    @longmire100 When you judge people you are putting yourself in Gods place, he is the ONLY judge. People forget that heteros lived in S&G the family that fled was hetero. God punished all equally, including the hetero woman he turned to salt. The hetero and homo percentages of Greece are probably the same as in any country… way more heteros. If you look up the passage of where it says man shall not lay with man it also includes a list of about 16 hetero sex acts that are a sin, you sin as bad

  5. evromsd

    @longmire100 I’m not religious, read the bible. Jesus hated the religious AND their leaders. Jonathan and David were a same sex couple with a covenant before God. God approved of them and not of the father who tried to have David Killed, fell out Gods grace actually… I beleive in God, the God in the bible I read about says never to judge, only beleive in him and love one another, if you cant do that by reading the instructions in the book then you’re the ignorant one.

  6. evromsd

    @longmire100 No answer as to why we live in sin to begin with? Truth hurts? Two heteros fucked it all up for us. No answer about the one of the few love stories in the bible, which happens to be between two men? Oh the other love story in the bible about a long committed relationship is between two women and their covenant with God is used to wed heteros. Any answers? Luke 17:34 I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

  7. evromsd

    All we have to do is read the bible and you will see that it can be used to defend gay people. God doesn’t like SINNERS gay or straight. He detests people who put themselves in his place as God to judge others. In the bible God loves gay wedded men and he loves his two long term committed women. He loves those who know how to love. Love is the key and hate is Gods enemy. Hate is why he used to destroy and he gave us a chance to learn how to love, but we always seem to find a way to fuck it up.

  8. Jadikarr

    @TeKnO2BaEr By that retarded logic, it’s a mans right to chose which woman he wants to rape or which child he wants to beat to death. Homophobia isn’t ‘fear’ of homosexuals either, it’s: “An extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.” Which you have. I’d like to see you fight someone tougher than you, again, by your retarded logic, you’d be “like a woman and cant do anything yourself.”

    I hope if you plan on going to college, you manage to find a brain before then.

  9. Sebizzar

    @TeKnO2BaEr No, it’s a fact that you are a homophobe. And yes you do have an irrational fear against homosexuality, look up the word.

  10. b0x3s

    @TeKnO2BaEr lmao no ‘faggots’ want your fucking respect, look how you type. You’re a fucking dumbass who won’t ever get into college. You’re a fucking loser mate. Get over yourself. Go read a book and look up some facts, you’re such a pussy that if you ever called someone a faggot irl you’d get your ass beat you fucking mug. Go back to your moma’s basement you pussssssssssssssay

  11. longmire100

    @evromsd THe Catholic Priests that have committed those indiscretions were taken by evil. After that evil was exposed they were shown the light. The men repented and were forgiven their sins.


    @Mr101Flyboy ohh igth laters bro even tho im dissapointed that one of my borthers are gay well what can we do have a nice day then hope you have a wonerfull life

  13. BuddaMyToast

    what i think is that the bully is gay
    and he doesnt know how to tell people so he let his an anger out on a other gay student

  14. StarXGamerEX

    @OttoTorrens I know, right? Whoever did that should go to jail, and serve extra time because it was a hate crime.

  15. Ashrawwr

    this made me me feel sick i mean im 17 and I seriously wouldnt give two shits about completely fucking up that fat wanker :@ just because he’s gay ……

  16. bbbfohio

    This mother is a FAILURE. God have mercy on her and her poor son.

    The boys who beat this kid should be charged and prosecuted, but not because of Zach being “gay”. I don’t care if he’s a transvestite dwarf with a lisp. Assault is assault and gays trying to be treated as “special” and gain some special status when they are victims of crimes are simply PROVING that they are NOT NORMAL.

  17. str8actingaydude

    Punk ass bully…. maybe he needs his face pummelled… Maybe then he’d think twice about acting like such an ass.

  18. MarlonNdecatur

    Religious illusions is responsible for this hate, it is what continues to fuel this issue. It’s not what I believe that is the problem, It’s what you believe I should believe that is the problem.

  19. evromsd

    @longmire100 Uhm No.. They hired lawyers to defend themselves and moved the priests around so they could continue to molest children. Are you saying the church does not hide these pervs?

  20. asunaj

    @bbbfohio What is wrong with you? How is she a failure? She is trying to get justice for her son?

  21. ana1sninja

    Throw that mofo in jail for assault.

  22. brianpwnsjustin

    No child deserves this.. especially in a school setting. FUCK ignorance.

  23. brianpwnsjustin

    @bbbfohio You’re a moron if you think his mom is a failure…

  24. ThePannydancoast

    fuck charges or juvie…that kid should get his ass beat too and then send him to therapy

  25. MachOverspeedsPlace

    Poor baby..

    Learn to box.

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