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On The 16th April, 33 people were killed in one of the most vicious school shootings yet. It can be stopped. This is a video about protesting against Gun Crime. Stop Gun Crime now.

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25 responses to “X – Stop Gun Crime – X”

  1. IceBerserker13

    Banning guns will not stop crimes involving guns. A determined criminal will have no trouble getting a gun, and they are the last people you’d want to have a gun.
    Worst part is it would cause a huge demand in the black market for guns, and we’d end up with a massive increase in gun smugglers.

  2. DoomsdayR3sistance

    > Michi

    guns ARE made to kill, guns are weapons, that’s their only purpose. Self defense with a gun means you intend to kill in self defence. Guns are to kill.

    > Ice

    Countries where guns are illegal or less common have far less gun crime then those with guns. Also over half of gun deaths are suicides, and legitimate owners are more likely to kill themselves or a relative then a crimenal. Their is no longer any real/logical reason to have a gun. Statistical you put yourself in MORE risk.

  3. shananagans5

    Children are being killed. It is a shame there was no one there to defend them. They were helplesly picked off. A teacher or anyone with a gun would make a rampage killers job more difficult. The results of helpless people in the presents of a crazed killer is tragic.

  4. LaminatedLobster

    if guns kill people do pens misspell words? We need to find and take down the mindset of the people who commit these crimes, not take away citizens one way of defending themselves.

    The man who commited the virginia tech massacre had been found to be mentaly ill far before he did the deed.

    as for Eric and Dylan, they had been adament believers in evolution and natural selection, what they did was attempted eugenics, did you know the columbine massacre happened on Hitler’s birthday?

  5. BEN1969350

    I think its time for a million gun march on washington Imagine one million law abiding citizens defending their rights with a peacefull show of force

  6. rihanna908

    Why do people use guns to kill people?
    dont they know wat happensto people ?


  7. Captainzwager

    gun crime is bare funny dnt u fink?

  8. BongFace09

    yeah isnt it just jokes!

  9. eggsaladinthetub

    i h8 the way laws work-the innocent must pay for the sins of the weak

  10. jokah4

    narr man its deep

  11. skater3shefik

    yep people have become so afraid of guns that they think they make people do thing…..gun dont kill people people kill people……beside even if gun where illgal …virginia tech and columbine massacre would still happen……. crack heroin and all those drugs are illigal and guess what people still get them…

    illegalizing gun would make criminals even more confident about there job becaue they know that people wont be able to fight back…..and cops usualy take forever to get there

  12. skater3shefik

    where the hell did u hear thi doomsday….actualy in and actual document i read in uk where it illegal crime have almost doubled…….and did u know i the united state….alot of the gun self defense that happend … the people dirent even fire 1 bullet but it scared the criminals away

  13. skater3shefik

    oh and guns arent just for killing have you ever heard of skeet shooting or marksmanship shooting (target shooting ,,,,,dont really know the name)……its a sport and its even in the olympics

  14. skater3shefik

    if guns kill people then spoons make people fat….pens mispell words and the keyboard on the computer looks up porn…yep now thats logical

  15. 07chesti

    If People Are Geetin Short WHY WHY The Fuck Are They Sellin Knifes And Guns And Everythink . People Are Loosin There Lifes Because Of It . And What The Fuck Is The Goverment Doin Ohh Yeah There Sitting On There Arses ALL FUCKING Day :@:@:@ RIP To All The Killed Ones .

  16. SexiiMee124

    the boy shot dead in his bedromm’s name was billy ashley cox…. he was my best friend and my boy friend …. billy i will never forget u
    wifey. Remer & Remer For eva

  17. DoomsdayR3sistance


    While initially after each piece of law against guns their is a short period of rise in crimes, over time it generally actually drops. Less guns in circulation for most crimenals to gets their hands on and so fourth. Countries that have long periods of heavy gun restrictions or bannings have far less gun crimes then those that allow them.

  18. skater3shefik

    gun crime but violent crime rises

  19. LEMOY121

    Arsenal Footballer Sam Kanu who was attacked in 2007 in the street & left brain damaged. please watch my Video dedicated to him, thankyou 😉

  20. truthtone58

    take the UK for example, they confiscate AK 47’s, Mac 10’s and many other types of firearms all the time. They raid houses over there for guns like they raid houses over here for drugs. It’s almost impossible to buy a legal gun in the UK. It’s illegal to have a handgun in Chicago and they get them all the time. The State of Illinois is practically crime free, but all the crime comes from Chicago, is that the problem, you don’t take GUNS from CRIMINALS, regardless of where you’re at.

  21. NoSavageNation

    This ONE MAN could’ve used a knife, or even his bare hands to kill people. Next time when someone is raping you or trying to kill you, please don’t call 911 becasue they have gun too.

  22. McRhys123321

    Its not the Knife or the gun that takes a life

    its the person

  23. Romein4

    gun are not bad people are

  24. RIFLES2J

    what is this song? RIP all ways in our minds

  25. thebasslinemadness

    r=i=p x

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