Youth Crime Prevention Program

Some parents just know how to raise their kids RIGHT! This thirteen year old cleared her own malfuntion without any intervention. Sorry guys, you'll have to wait about 15 years for this one.

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17 responses to “Youth Crime Prevention Program”

  1. mikezilla3

    What kind of gun was that girl in the pink shirt shooting

  2. jackandomega

    The pistol is her dad’s Glock 36 (.45 ACP) and the rifle is her deer rifle, a Remington 788 chambered in .243 Winchester.

  3. BigWen130

    Nice video

  4. proinfidel

    A careful aimed second shot is more effective that a double tap in the dirt. Sight picture and trigger control. Speed comes with practice. Keep it up a pistol takes time to master 🙂

  5. Advocate4Her

    Thanks for the encouragement. … working on it. =)

  6. locolopelocolope

    It´s a good video.
    The more a children learns and knows about guns use and safety, the less propable it is that he/she are going to have an accident. And, if sadly needed, the will know how to proyect them and their family.

  7. tilted1911

    wish my pops had taken me shooting as a kid. she is very lucky

  8. marksman124

    nice..i bet for christmas she wants a USP .45 or a 92FS..

  9. FUBAR956

    That was cool but to train better, place an object to use as cover. In a combat scenario if the weapon jams like that, you don’t want to clear in out in the open so you use cover. I tell my officers, you’ll fight how you train so I implement use of cover.

  10. jackandomega

    Copy that. Good advice. We’ll be implementing that in all future drills. Of course, this was just a “plinking” session with an impromtu video.

  11. FUBAR956

    I love her technique: turn, engage, and scan for further threats. I have problems getting my officers to do that! Oh, and to avoid jams, I have one more bit of advice. Switch from Glock to SigSauer. lol Just my personal preference. Remember, Train Hard. Fight Easy

  12. Gunner193

    Exactly, children are easier to train (people over 15 don’t learn so well, I can say that). My son will be trained just like this girl, but outside of Brazil.

  13. twisted62380

    BRAVO!!! ( thumbs up )

    I give you 5 stars.

    now..if I can only get my 13 year old stepdaugter to fire my bigger calibers

    ** I have a video of her clearing …taking down…reassembling ..and reloading my Ruger .45

  14. ferd02

    hot diggity!!! did yall get a LOAD OF THAT SMILE AT THE END OF THE THREAT SEQUENCE?? that is one kid that is damn lucky..


    that was hilarious “THREAT!” BANG jam hahahaha

  16. jackandomega

    Yeah, then she immediately cleared the malfunction ON HER OWN and re-engaged. Ha ha ha ha! HA! … HA! … at only thirteen years old! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!

  17. b107109

    make sure you make clear the difference between cover and concealment.

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